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Serving Menifee, living in Menifee, and offering extremely fast service in Menifee. (During business hours.) Best prices on torsion springs and the best quality torsion springs in all of California. Decades of experience. Privately owned. Not a franchise!


Quotes are free within Menifee

I charge only for work that fixes the problem.

$60 Yearly Service Plan

Each year I perform an extensive check-off list. The list includes not only general service but an inventory of what you have and the status of each item.

$80 Service Calls

The cost for fixing miscellaneous problems that don’t require hardware or extensive amounts of time. Each additional door is $20 more.

$100 Trollies, Carriages, Couplers, Cables, limit-switches, rollers, hinges, etc.

Miscellaneous replacement of broken items.

$110 to $250 Door Off Track

The price varies depending on the severity.

$120 for each strut

Struts keep the door from sagging, buckling, and developing cracks. They are like I-Beams. The struts take the stress away from door sections that are collapsing. One to four struts may be needed on a normal 16 foot wide by 7 foot tall door. They are not cheap but certainly cheaper than a new door. Usually the door will last for decades after struts have been added. (Or until somebody drives through the door.)

$130 New Safety Beams

Safety beams fail.

$145 Motor Gear Replacements

Replacement of the gears, spindle, bearings, and sprockets.

$150 Bottom Weather Seal

That’s standard weather stripping. Non-standard would need to be ordered and the price would increase.

$249 Torsion Springs

The bread-and-butter job! Law requires springs be at least capable of 10,000 cycles. And so vast majority of garage door companies use springs rated for just over 10,000 cycles. That is usually about 10 years give or take depending on usage. Springs sold as "lifetime" must be rated for a minimum of 25,000 cycles. I regularly use springs rated for almost 100,000 cycles and charge less than anybody else. That is less than my competition selling the little over 10,000 cycle springs. Don’t be fooled by low bids. Get the full price.
Final word, I will beat my competition by $10 for the final advertised price of the completed job.

$375 Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Conversion

These are the springs you can’t see because they are contained in the tube. I convert these over to the professional torsion spring system.



Operator Manuals

Operator manuals are often hard to find. Last week I had to call Genie and they didn’t even have the PDF for the opener that is only about 10 years old. Not only that they discontinued making the parts! So this area here is a placeholder for me to start sticking in the missing manuals everybody needs.


Mighty Mule


Please Read

  1. To be worked on the garage door and opener needs to be accessible so ladders can be used. Please arrange things, tidy up the garage, before I arrive.

  2. No property managers, insurance companies, banks, real estate agents, etc. I don’t want to spend time doing paperwork.

  3. You must be present. (Or pay $50 more.) I would hope you would like to know what I’m doing as I’m doing it. If not you can pay more.

  4. Please don’t text or email. Call instead. I don’t like discovering days later business was lost in transit.

  5. I do not work on any brand of Jackshaft operator. Call the company that installed it. Jackshaft operators are often installed where they should not be. Sometimes they will work for years. More often, from my perspective, they require servicing every year. Obviously being associated with them is not a good thing.