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Screwdrivers are not winding bars!

Here are a couple of pictures of what happens to big robust screwdrivers if they are used as winding bars. The metal shaft in the handle deforms as seen here. Then they snap out and go flying. One person is rumored to have got a shaft stuck in his forehead. Kind of like a lobotomy. So do not ever use screwdrivers as winding bars! Fortunately this customer realized things were going south and called me. I've had other customers that have had broken bones sticking out that they then filmed and tried to get me to watch.

I found it interesting that the screwdriver deformed on such light springs. I'm often using springs that are double the force or even four times the force used with these springs.

Screwdriver being used as a winding bar

Screwdriver being used as a winding bar

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