Angie's List 2017 Super Service Award
I have copied all (both bad and good) of the customer reviews from Angie's List, Facebook, Google and Yelp to make this page. Each review has a link to the actual review so you can verify I haven't modified anything. (Click on the platform next to the name to see my review and the other reviews for other places that person has left.) Thank you all for your kind words. It helps tremendously. Also, if you ordered service based on reviews from Google, Yelp, etc., please leave a review on the same platform so others can find me.

Anybody can write a string of fake reviews on their website. So I have included direct links to Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Angie's List where the reviews were left. Unfortunately this too can be faked.
1) Maybe I wrote the reviews or paid to have the reviews written on these sites. For instance I could be paying an advertising agency that in turn pays foreign companies to write fake reviews looking like actual customers. That would explain how some companies with less than sterling reputations in the industry have overwhelmingly great reviews. See dateline_exposes_door_techs and avoid-hiring-worst-garage-door-company-nation.
2) Thousands of companies have filed complaints with the FTC claiming Yelp removes their reviews unless they pay Yelp on a monthly basis. A modern day Mafia. Where companies are blackmailed. For example currently more than half my Yelp reviews have been removed by Yelp yet my competition which pays Yelp has only about 10% of their reviews removed. My reviews are still visible on Yelp but they have been moved to a hidden area. They don't show in the search engine results from Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.. Google on the other hand removes the reviews totally. It is as if they were never there. Yelp, Google, and others get away with this because they say it is done by their computers automatically and has nothing to do with whether they are paid. Maybe I should go with the flow and pay them. Instead I copy them here and include links so they can be easily found wherever they were originally made.

If there is a question of legitimacy Yelp, Google, or whomever could simply contact the person who left the review. They could quickly determine if it is an army of Chinese factory workers. However they don't. Instead they encourage you to pay them. A conflict of interest making most of the review sites questionable. That is why I wrote this how-to article on hiring service companies. How to pick a service company and then how to get great service at a great price out of them. So that everybody wins.

If you have questions pick up the phone and call me. (Don't text me.) I'll do my best to answer and you can make your own conclusions. Please support local businesses!