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Servicing garage doors and garage door openers in Menifee, CA.
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I often am called to fix problems other garage door companies have made. Usually the other company is a franchise and they charge outrageously. And the worker is not really experienced. Sure the franchise says they are trained and qualified but so what. The homeowner then calls me. I often look at the website of the franchise and see they have practically no bad reviews. So I conclude they must buy their reviews because they certainly are not getting them from their customers. How do they buy the reviews? It turns out there are companies that can be paid about $10 per review. So a franchise collects hundreds of dollars more per job than they should and then pays to have the bad reviews removed and fake reviews added.

Social Media reviews are all about money. Pay Google and then Google funnels business your way. Don't pay them and they delist your company and all of your reviews vanish! Seriously, they vanish. They even vanish from the customers history. I've never seen a more dishonest company. It is legal but it should not be.

You can pay other companies to handle Google. They'll write reviews and somehow keep you listed with Google. Here is such a company. They were the latest, emailing me on 2022-07-04, but many others have also emailed me. I'm going to start listing them.

We want to let you know that Garage Door Suppliers in Menifee are purchasing 5-star google reviews, facebook reviews and yelp reviews.. so that they can have the biggest share of clients in the area.

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4- Trusted by Thousands of Businesses, Affordable price, Money-back-policy.

5- You are protected by PayPal Money-back policy. If you are not perfectly happy, we will give a refund back to you!.

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Thank you
Aiden Fields
Elite Media Inc.

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