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Old Wall Switches Are Best.

The old simple garage door wall switches last forever. The ones here might be 50 years old. Connect the wires together, short them, and the switch works. There is very low voltage in the wires, maybe 9 volts, and you don't even need the switch. Just put the two wires together.

The modern switches can no longer be shorted. There is a CPU in the switch that communicates with the motor. If the switch goes bad it costs about $150 to replace it. (Then add a service fee so over $200 in total.) You have to get the exact make and model from the manufacturer. And these switches do go bad on a regular basis. Just one more way to keep customers constantly wasting money.

So when you buy an opener try to get the cheapest possible. That works by shorting wires.

Basic switch Semi modern wall switch

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