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First Job Using New Spring Sizes

Due to the supply chain problems garage door companies have not been able to get springs. For a long time we've only been able to buy three pair of springs every two weeks! I had a lot of springs in inventory so I've been able to make due for nearly two years. Well last Friday I got a truck full of new springs. They are all rated over 30,000 cycles so they can be sold as with "lifetime warranties" but instead I'm only giving five year warranties. Not the normal 15 year warranties I give the springs with cycle counts over 70,000 cycles. These new springs are also have a smaller inside diameter of only 1.75" instead of 2" or 2 and 5/8 inches. Here are some pictures of the job I did yesterday. A double car garage had only one spring on it rated for only 12,000 cycles. I put two springs on that had the same lift as the single spring but with cycle life over 33,000 cycles.

New size of springs New size of springs New size of springs

I find it interesting that the two springs were almost twice as long as the one spring. (I placed the single spring on top of the two springs in the first two photos.)

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