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New Home Preinstalled Wiring Sucks

In the Heritage Lakes area of Menifee many of the homes were prewired with substandard wiring. The wiring runs from the wall switch through the walls and up to the motor head hanging from the ceiling where it comes out. I get a lot of calls because the openers are sporadic. They open and close themselves all through the day. Ghosting openers. The problem is the insulation used on these wires flakes off and they make contact with each other. The copper is nice and thick but the insulation can not be touched. Just grazing it with your fingers is enough to remove the insulation. So the best you can do unless you replace the wiring is to make sure each wire is physically well separated from each other. As in this picture. I expect as time goes on the wiring will have to be replaced with external bell wiring stapled to the ceiling and walls.

Preinstalled wiring sucks

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