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This is a picture of the original Plymouth Rock with a date stamp on it. The rock is covered with water on stormy days with high tides. It is out of the water the rest of the time. Just like it was in 1620.

Now listening to people like Al Gore pontificate articulately about the total loss of snow on the north and south pole leading to 20 foot rises in sea water up and down our coasts in a few years. How our coasts will soon be underwater. While he still buys coastal beach front property in Florida. While Obama buys beach front property throughout the world. Al Gore made said that back in 2006. The deadlines have come and gone but none of his predictions have come true. Just the opposite. Arguably the climate hasn't changed at all since he made his dire predictions.

How much longer do we have to wait for climate alarmists to say something we can actually see in our lifetime? Maybe we can see something that is visually obvious if we wait another 400 years?

why do they call it a reduction

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