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People have been taking hydroxychloroquine for decades. It is the standard against malaria. The patents expired decades ago. The cost was pennies. There was no profit to be had in it at all. So early on in the planned-demic hydroxychloroquine was made illegal. Literally made illegal and any doctor or pharmacy caught selling it would receive huge fines and lose their license. The CDC, WHO, and other various health organizations all came out saying it was a deadly horse medicine treatment not for humans. A simple internet search, with an honest search engine, not google would show hydroxychloroquine

So think about it. Our medical institution has no problems lying to the public. Profits are obviously more important than anything else.

They have not given up either. Even in October of 2022 we still have possible laws "AB 2098" in California. On Gavin Newsom's desk waiting for his signature. If he signs it then all doctors will be forced to say the official line or lose their license. This covid-19 ministry of truth is so crazy it is amazing people do not rise up. See AB 2098.

When there is a conflict of interest follow the money. Then choose carefully.

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