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This door needs struts

The first picture shows makes the door look almost normal. You can see the tech screws at the bottom of weather seal. Also on the inside bottom of door. Obviously the aluminum extrusion had separated from the door and had to be reattached. Probably a vehicle pulled the door apart while backing out. The picture also shows the bottom center stile has pulled away from the outer skin of the door. Looking a bit closer you can see the bottom door section and the next section do not line up. This can all be fixed by adding some struts to the door. sagging door

On close inspection the door is also cracked in other places. sagging door

It is interesting to see how the manufacturer glues the stile to the door skin. What type of glue is this? Could it be used once the struts have been installed? Not that it is needed but it would be wonderful to do a more complete job. Finally look past the stile and notice how wavy the door is. The customer could have avoided this by calling me before the damage spread. sagging door

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