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Clopay Hinges

Back a couple of decades ago pinch resistant doors were widely being adopted in the industry. pinch-resistant doors meaning that it is hard to get fingers caught in between sections while manually closing the door. (I had one customer in Canyon Lake screaming for half a day hoping to attract somebody walking by when her fingers were caught.) Each manufacturer came up with their own proprietary hinges. The pictures here show Clopay, and some companies that rebranded Clopay, hinges.

What makes Clopay hinges interesting are:

  1. When one fails it is likely the others on the same row will quickly fail. So if one hinge goes bad repair it as quickly as possible to avoid buying a new door.
  2. They were not made robustly and so they fail all the time. The original hinges were so thin it was a joke. Garage door companies for a while were able to buy much thicker hinges.
  3. The weatherstripping between the sections slip out of position and then cause the hinges to break. When this happens rip the weather stripping out! Here in Southern California the weather stripping is hardly noticed.
  4. The hinges are notoriously hard to put back together again. Almost impossible if the door is insulated. You literally have to take the screws out and put the pins in before screwing the hinge back.
  5. Clopay discontinued this design and quit selling replacement hinges leaving all the customers stranded! Many years ago they would sell new hinges directly to the customer if the customer had a sales receipt and the door identification. You get the identification from the sticker in one of the pictures below.

clopay identification sticker clopay picture of sticker, hinge, and a bit of the intra section wind strip style= clopay broken hinge clopay broken hinge

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